Blackheads (also known as ‘open’ comedones,) are a type of spot, which rise to the surface of the skin. These spots occur when oil and bacteria have been trapped under the skin, causing an inflammatory, healing response. As the skin over the spot breaks, the contents become exposed and oxidises, causing the open spot to turn black.

There are many reasons why blackheads occur; many blame dirt, stress or certain foods. These factors can contribute to the extent of a person’s blackheads, although are not enough on their own.

At MP Clinic, we offer a number of specialised treatments and an expert product range to help clear blackheads and for you to plan for clear skin.

At MP Clinic we use several techniques to treat blackheads. Upon your consultation your practitioner will advise you of the best option for your individual case.

We offer a number of peels that are designed especially for spot-prone skin. Your practitioner will be able to recommend the most appropriate peel depending on your skin type and condition. Our peels clear blackheads and other spots by sloughing away dead skin cells, clearing congestion and encouraging fresh, healthy skin to be revealed.

Microdermabrasion produces a superficial depth of skin removal to help promote new skin cells and a healthy top layer of skin. The exfoliation process is carried out using a buffing and vacuum mechanism to remove stubborn blackheads and clear pores.

Facial is a treatment to treat a wide variety of skin problems, such as sensitive, oily, acne, dullness, spots, dry and aging process. available are 3 kinds of facial treatments offered at The Clinic.

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