Acne Treatment

Imagine the confidence you’d feel if the appearance of your acne was greatly reduced. Our acne treatment experts are on hand to deliver the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Everyone’s skin is different and so each treatment plan is perfectly tailored to the individual.


This really depends on the type of acne you have, which is why we highly recommend you attend a acne consultation, where our expert practitioner will be able to diagnose your condition and the degree to which you are affected. We’ll check the colour of your skin, the texture, lesions and secretions before deciding on the best acne treatment for you, which might include medical grade peels and laser treatment.


Silk Detox Acne Facial
Acne Facial to clear up acne clusters and tighten pores combine with acne serum. Using premium acne peeling a non-invasive technique to smoothen and clear up the acne by kill the bacteria that causes acne. Now you can enjoy your new beauty skin that blossom just like a rose!

Acne LED Facial
Turn unsightly, inflamed acne around and welcome clear, refined skin!Packed with Light Emmitted Diode system and acne serum, simultaneously kill the bacteria that cause acne inflamation and hydtrates your skin while reducing oil secretion.

Chemical Peeling
Chemical peeling with wonder product from USA on face and nect area. With serum and vitamin.It’s time to peel away the old, and reveal the new!Chemical peel treatments are synonymous with skin regenaration, exfoliating old skin, while allowing for new layers to surface that’s smoother and more radiant. Witness brighter, rejuvenated skin int the miror, while blackheads, pimples, and superficial cars are a thing of the past!
Shine and polish your skin by removing old layer of skin improve elasticity of your natural and beautiful skin. Sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and scarring may all be improved with chemical peels.

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