Acne Scar


Facial is a treatment to treat a wide variety of skin problems, such as sensitive, oily, acne, dullness, spots, dry and aging process. available are 3 kinds of facial treatments offered at The Clinic.

Luminous Facial
The revolutionary electroporation diffusion system to inject your skin with a mixture serum that penetrate even the deepest layer of your skin.This treatment helps to improve skin tone, vitalise the epidermis, stimulate complexion and tigthen pores. Suitable for all skin types.

Queen Facial
Protect and maintain your skin against daily degeneration! An anti-aging serum drummed in using a pressure point technique, inducing the birth of new skin cells. Combined with 24K gold mask use to re-mineralise your skin for a glow to brighten up the day.

Hydro-Oxygen Facial
So much wow packed in one facial! If your skin is constantly suffering from dehydration and hyper pigmentation, then this is the facial for you! Using the Oxygen technology to infuse your skin with collagen serum combine with hot stone massage, it energises your complexion and boost your blood circulation, resulting in skin that’s super soft and smooth.

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